Monday, 28 January 2013

anyway, i wonder

monday morning, on the way to school,  our car is the colour of the morning sky when the sun shines, a police car drives past, we all stop at a red light, the sun in our faces, on the back seat a youth, handcuffed –
hurry child into school room, she runs off, her boots are still damp from yesterday's walk, she only has this pair of shoes for winter, her wellies are at school, it is not for want of money, there is just no room in our heads for children's shoes, what size does she wear anyway –
on the way back, a purple bus is getting towed from a bus stop, monday morning, i wonder where the people went, and what happened –
in the centre of the next roundabout hangs a red car, wheels in the dark, soft soil of the flower bed, i catch police notices in the window, the same red colour as the car, it is somewhat faded, that red, was it there when we drove down, that car, will it be there when we –
no. hoping to be in time for pick-up, the sun somehow is no longer shining

[work in progress]

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