Thursday, 18 September 2014

now you are always with me

you have been calling me
and now you are here
i have been waiting for you
now you are always with me

beyond the stars
you have been waiting for me
to call out to you
 now you are always with me

on earth
your life begins within my body
now i am always with you

now you are always with me
as you have been

in my sacred grove, grow
until the day my arms will hold you
until the day you let go of my hand
until the day my hand lets go of the world
until the day the world lets you go

and we return
to the stars
and we will be with each other

On the loss of innocence & magic

now you are emerging
from the realm of innocence and magic
your eyes no longer see (the world)
or dream (images of heaven)

they attach themselves to the letter
and to the letter
they attach

these now create what you see
these now create your world

can you see it yet?
do you see the change of light?

as i see you start to read, 
i cannot help
but feel
at the loss of innocence and magic
the change of light in your eyes

i know there is a new world
in each letter
each book
yes, my world

yet i wish i could save (for myself,
and for you)
the magic light
of innocent imagination

but who am i fooling
this is the way of the world