Wednesday, 30 January 2013

walking towards dusk

from the top of the hill
dusk walks towards me
in his uncle's new shop
a young man does push-ups
1-2-3 –
the uncle catches my gaze
he smiles across the empty shop
glass separates us –
in a different part of town
my eyes wander to the naked torso
of a man by the poolside
before the blinds are closed

nobody caught me
staring at the moon
i lower my eyes
hurrying to pick up the stars
one by one

vor dem fenster

wie gänsehaut
huschen die geräusche des vormittags über die kühle haut
vergeblich streiche ich die falten glatt
mit den augen
fange ich meisengezwitscher
lege es zu gras und zweigen
streiche die feuchte erde von hier nach dort
schon ist er fort
vor dem fenster
bleibt der winter rau

Monday, 28 January 2013

anyway, i wonder

monday morning, on the way to school,  our car is the colour of the morning sky when the sun shines, a police car drives past, we all stop at a red light, the sun in our faces, on the back seat a youth, handcuffed –
hurry child into school room, she runs off, her boots are still damp from yesterday's walk, she only has this pair of shoes for winter, her wellies are at school, it is not for want of money, there is just no room in our heads for children's shoes, what size does she wear anyway –
on the way back, a purple bus is getting towed from a bus stop, monday morning, i wonder where the people went, and what happened –
in the centre of the next roundabout hangs a red car, wheels in the dark, soft soil of the flower bed, i catch police notices in the window, the same red colour as the car, it is somewhat faded, that red, was it there when we drove down, that car, will it be there when we –
no. hoping to be in time for pick-up, the sun somehow is no longer shining

[work in progress]

Monday, 21 January 2013


Der Schnee zieht Sehnsuchts Blicke auf
sich, Kindheitsaugen
Blicke treiben vor dem Fenster
der Zauber: nicht Schlafen. Sonst schwindet das weiße
Gewinter, schon damals ein seltenes Traumbild.

Hinausziehen, unter die Straßeneckenlampe. Und weiter.
Augenblicks Schnee unter den Schuhen.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

the day's frozen moment

waiting for nightfall
the day a frozen moment in the sky
the sun a broken record, stuck
the same song (silently to sing)
and over
and darkness does not come
before the moon, and morning
night will fall
and leave its mist
and honey in its wake

Saturday, 5 January 2013

time: this dark water

time: this dark water
and your face a thousandfold
memory: your voice
and ripples on the surface of my day

the mirror of my night is deep
and silently my fingers close
around this precious pebble as it sinks

pebble, heart, ripples: unseen
memory is silent
dark water: time


my toes curled around the rock i stand
on the cliff's edge

surrounded by blue sky
i jump

still falling
my only fear
is of the fearlessness
of this act


blue sky