Wednesday, 19 December 2012

haiku (heart´s wish)

if i could exist
on just air, rain and sunshine
how happily i'd bloom

haiku for E.

almost three years old
sleeping on my chest tonight
my little baby

Ouse 1

Ouse 1
(response to Gro Dahle)

a weeping girl draws comfort
from the river
she hurries along
runs, runs, with a beating heart
it never leaves her
the river reflects the rain
at times sunrise, South Downs, and sky
it speaks with the salt tongue of the ocean

what is the river's comfort
the river has a woman who went into the water
behind the bend you went into the water
early in the morning
the river was your comfort, or are you still weeping
you are guiding the water past
past and past
run, run, little girl, weep

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

walking on frozen grass (sleeping in your arms)

grow, tonight, your arms around me
sink your roots,
the earth though frozen be
sink deeper,
the blood that runs
is warmer still
so you may grow,
around this pain
grow deeper, darker yet
the winter night's cold fingers touch
me not. light treads the morning,
walks on frozen blades of grass.
see how pale i have become

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

the raft

it is dark on this side of the water
dark and cold on this side
i got used to the demons who live here
fear is security, too, for this is what i know,
this is what i know –
in the dark i am gathering sticks,
sticks and branches,
ropes, and string
wondering when the day will come
i gather sticks and branches,
ropes and string
i do not know
how to build a raft, i do not know
i am afraid
it might sink–
and how am i to know when i will have enough
sticks and branches, how will i know how to make
an effort with my hands and feet, how will i know how
to reach the other shore, how do i know where –
on brighter days i can sometimes see
dreamlike images of the promised land
and i believe
the tales of others who say they have seen it, clearly
i believe there is another shore
the sea, i believe in the freedom of suffering –

as a child i used to see the other side of the water,
the other shore of the Fl. fjord, the sun cast its rays onto that foreign land
i used to dream of crossing over, swimming, i was a strong swimmer
still, invariably i was sucked under
by the demons of the shallow depths
to wake up frightened –

still i stand on this side of the water,
in the darkness i hold my sticks,
my fear is all i know
sometimes i dream