Tuesday, 15 December 2015


here, now, i will grow roots
roots that reach deeply into fertile soil
a firm foundation
from this i grow my trunk.
unshakable i stand
for you to rest against, and test your balance
for you to run around in mirth
or hide behind
to cut into the bark, to leave a mark of your existence
and your love
my trunk for you to try your strength
and show you what strength is
drawn from the depth
and firmly rooted.

and from the trunk i stretch my branches
now you can rest and sleep
under my shade
my watchful eyes
my silent presence, joyful shimmering of leaves –
i stretch them wide, my branches
and i reach them down
yes, here you will be safe
for you, there will be fruit and flowers
all in their season
(i turn into the appletree and in my childhood's garden)
i reach them high, my branches, too
to gather light for you
and to draw you up into the light
you will start climbing on my sturdy branches
then build your nest amongst the leaves
until you reach the crown
for now, i know i have to stand
and spread my roots, expand my trunk,
stretch out my branches, keep my green leaves
for you.

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