Sunday, 4 March 2012

evening sky

when i draw the curtains in the evening when everything becomes quiet and the children are going to bed, i look into the evening sky over the little park and the houses below. it is spring and the sky at that time is not yet saturated with the darkness of night, only a dark veil has been drawn across; it is still translucent. and there are two stars which i have never seen like this before. they are just in the centre of the sky framed by the bedroom window. well above the clear-cut branches of the trees, bare still, they shine brightly, diamonds in the vastness. they are a little distance apart. one is a little smaller than the other, which is also a bit brighter. their light does not converge, they do not know of each other. their stillness is crystal clear. sometimes, the crescent moon is there too, a waxing moon, graceful and equally still. sometimes drafts of cloud catch the silver light. whose are these stars. as a draw in a breath of peacefulness, i feel cold and reach for my cardigan.

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  1. The evenings are getting longer, and now i often stop to catch a glimpse of these stars before i go to bed. they are intensely bright and beautiful on a clear night even over the city lights. i have been told they are jupiter and venus. you and me. they keep changing their position to each other. and i wonder at the mystery of space and the course of life.